People Services

A People-First approach that grows Talent and Teams

Exceptional people deliver exceptional results

At AMS, our most valuable assets are our dedicated team members who service our customers. The quality of any service company is a direct result of the quality of its people. AMS is always seeking passionate professionals who will work to make a difference in our customers’ facilities and grow our culture.  It is important to us that every employee feels respected while they bring a sense of teamwork and respect to our clients, employees, and guest.

The best path forward is together

At AMS, we invest heavily in career development, training, and continuous learning. We make a point of rewarding, recognizing, and celebrating our most important assets- our people. Happy, engaged, and dedicated employees deliver the results our customers demand

We’re more than just a team, we’re a family

We have fostered an environment of interpersonal integrity, respect, diversity, and inclusion. AMS’s team-oriented, methodical, and intelligent approach to problem-solving brings out the best in our people and delivers results for our customers. Ensuring the happiness of our Clients and Team Members is the first lesson you’ll learn here; it is the basis for every decision we make as a company and the foundation of how AMS uniquely delivers results.

A Diverse Culture has always been our strength

Since its founding in the early 1960s by Rose Marie Kiley, AMS has always embraced a culture of diversity and acceptance. AMS continues its women-owned and operated tradition into the 21st century with Lindsay Ruedig, J.D. as our new CEO. AMS is very proud of the unique blend of ethnicities, backgrounds, languages, and identities that comprise our workforce. We continuously strive to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion that provides an abundance of equitable opportunities for all

As an AMS team member, you’ll receive:

  • Competitive wages
  • Benefits, Holiday Pay, and Vacation Pay
  • 401K Plus Matching
  • Unwavering focus on employee and public safety
  • Tremendous opportunity for advancement
  • Recognition and appreciation

Employment Verification

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