Cleaning Chicago for 30 Years!

Partnering with a new facility service provider is a huge decision for any organization and its importance cannot be understated. The best facility service providers have a positive influence on the overall workplace performance, business efficiency, employee health and well-being, productivity and not least talent attraction and retention.




Alliance Maintenance Services is headquartered in the Chicago metropolitan region.  Alliance serves commercial, industrial and hospitality facilities throughout the Midwestern United States with routine janitorial and hospitality services, as well as emergency clean-up and Fire and flood restoration services.

Alliance Maintenance Services utilizes Quality Control Systems with a web-based custom application that has become an ideal customer service tool to inspect the quality of services performed by employees. Real-time Data shows completion of found deficiencies, track trends that need improvement and more.  Our customers experience a significant increase in cleaning efficiency.

We are more than just another cleaning service. Our crews go the extra mile to maintain the professionalism of your facility and keep your business running smoothly

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